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Lion King Broadway tickets are available at at affordable prices. This colorful and entertaining production debuted in July of 1997 in Minnesota. The musical was an instant hit and began showing at the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway in November of the same year. In 2006, the Minskoff Theater became the production's new home. It is now the seventh longest running Broadway show. Tickets to Lion King have been selling on a regular basis, and the show has had over 5,000 performances to date. It is obvious that The Lion King tickets are a very popular choice among theatergoers who are looking for a performance that can be enjoyed by the family.

The Lion King currently running on Broadway is based on the 1994 Disney movie of the same name, with music written by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice. Theatergoers will want to obtain discount Lion King tickets in order to enjoy a performance that has stood the test of time. The characters are played by actors dressed up in animal costumes for realism, and large puppets are also used throughout the production. can offer cheap Lion King tickets for a variety of good seats and afternoon or evening performances.

The story revolves around Simba, a lion cub born to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. Audience members with Lion King Broadway tickets will journey with Simba through the African Pride Lands and share in the experiences of the young cub. There is a bit of tragedy in the production when Simba's father dies, which should be kept in mind if younger children might be attending the performance. Simba's Uncle Scar, who is angered at not having the chance to become king, is responsible for Mufasa's death due to throwing him from a cliff. Scar is successful in convincing Simba that the young cub is the one responsible for his father's demise, as Mufasa was in the process of saving Simba's life during a stampede. Simba leaves the Pride Lands at his uncle's urging and is pursued by the hyenas that have been sent by Scar to kill him.

The story of the Lion King is fascinating for both young and old. Theatergoers with tickets to Lion King will experience how Simba grows from a young cub to a mature adult lion who becomes king in his father's place. Simba learns some very valuable lessons along his journey, and discount Lion King tickets are a great way for fans of the movie to experience the show live on stage. Lion King Broadway tickets are always available at, with good seats being offered for a variety of performances.

Tickets to Lion King will provide a wonderful opportunity for theatergoers to enjoy a remarkable performance with a stunning musical score and vividly colorful costumes. The Lion King has won a number of Tony Awards and is appealing on so many levels. The music alone is stirring and enjoyable, with a stellar cast portraying the various characters that make up this visually attractive musical. By obtaining cheap Lion King tickets, fans of the movie will have the chance to experience the story as never before seen. The audience will see actors playing out the life of Simba, his friends, family members and enemies through live performances on stage. The show includes a variety of carefully choreographed dance sequences that are sure to thrill the audience.

Purchasing discount Lion King tickets for the experience of a live performance provides a great form of entertainment for the entire family. Patrons of will easily find Lion King Broadway tickets for this amazing show. Cheap Lion King tickets can also be obtained for performances taking place in other locations, such as the Lyceum Theatre in London and the Hippodrome Performing Arts Center in Baltimore, Maryland. There is good seating available for all shows, and matinee performances are available as well. If a vacation is being planned to a location where the musical is currently showing, tickets to Lion King can be obtained for various dates and times. It will certainly be the highlight of any vacation to include The Lion King tickets as part of the trip. has a user-friendly and secure website that makes it a simple process to find discount Lion King tickets for any performance that is desired. Satisfied customers find themselves returning to the site over and over again whenever they are in need of tickets for various types of events. Lion King Broadway tickets at lower prices make great gifts for family members and friends. Purchasing tickets to Lion King will also provide an opportunity for a fun-filled afternoon or evening in the great City of New York. No trip to New York would be complete, either for tourists or local residents, without cheap Lion King tickets to see a thrilling live performance of a much-loved Disney movie.

On November 13, 2011, holders of The Lion King tickets were treated to the 14th birthday of the show's run on Broadway. The musical has been consistently drawing audiences due to its wide appeal for all age groups. The popularity of the 1994 Disney movie has also helped to increase curiosity in theatergoers who would like to see how the show comes across on the stage. It certainly does not hurt to have discount Lion King tickets available so that the production can be enjoyed at lower prices. The entire family can attend a performance without the need for Mom and Dad to pay a high amount of money.

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The popularity of The Lion King has resulted in long runs for the production across the country and in other parts of the world. Even with cast changes, the show has been attracting large audiences and receiving glowing reviews. It will even be coming to Russia in the not too distant future. It is easy to see why tickets to Lion King are in high demand and sell quickly. can provide The Lion King tickets even when other agencies may be sold out.

Those who are in the New York area and who have not already seen the show are certain to want Lion King Broadway tickets. There is a thrill in attending a Broadway show that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Discount Lion King tickets are the best way to see the performance, and can provide the kind of low prices that help to make a Broadway show even more appealing.

Many ticket agencies will offer what they refer to as discount Lion King tickets that may still turn out to be rather expensive. offers lower prices on tickets for all events, including tickets to Lion King. When cheap Lion King tickets can be obtained, more family members will be able to attend the performance and have an afternoon or evening of enjoyable entertainment. No one need be left out.

Theatergoers who purchase The Lion King tickets will have a unique experience. They will find themselves taking part in one of the longest running Broadway shows in history, and they will also have the chance to see a Disney animated movie come to life. The acting, costuming, choreography and musical score are all interwoven into a tapestry that comes together beautifully, creating a production that is a joy to behold for children and adults.

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Families who have seen The Lion King in the movies but not on Broadway should not miss the chance to enjoy the show on stage. It will prove to be an entirely new experience for children and adults. Attending the Broadway show will be especially enjoyable for those who have not seen the movie, do not know the story of Simba, and will be experiencing it for the first time. The purchase of Lion King Broadway tickets at lower prices is the perfect way to enjoy a quality performance while saving money. Even those on a tight budget can take advantage of a good deal in tickets to Lion King for an ultimate experience.